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Buy EU Driver's License Without Exam

Obtain a new driver's license without an MPU

We offer you the opportunity to obtain a driving license without an MPU in other European countries.

you can bypass the MPU by waiting and then legally get your driver's license back. Since there


is no obligation to do an MPU, those affected simply cannot apply for a new driver's license,


do not do an MPU and “just” wait.

Over the years we have made several simplifications in the management of all complex document procurement procedures, making it much easier for those who cannot wait for a specific category.

Discover our unique complete package for a valid EU driving license. With our service, you acquire a driving license abroad with which you can safely and sustainably bypass the  MPU.

​We are of course at your disposal for any questions or suggestions.

Do you still have questions, for example about the  MPU statute of limitations ?

We would be happy to clarify it with you.

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We enable you to legally buy a driver's license through us . From now on, you no longer have to invest months of work to finally hold the long-awaited certificate in your hands. Thanks to us, you can get your driver's license without an exam . Your satisfaction is our top priority. Nevertheless, we recommend that you master driving a car and be familiar with road traffic. 
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